It’s a refuge, the ground of the sea………..

I have finally succeeded to finish this home page because my passion for the sea and for photography is stronger than my laziness.

I am talking about passions that have been accompanying me for many years, even before the year 1977, when I became a FIPS instructor in the famous swimming-pool of Nervi. All that happened under the attentive and unmistakable eyes of Duilio Marcante. For many years I dedicated myself to the teaching of scuba diving not only focusing on the rules and techniques, but also transmitting both the respect for the nature and the curiosity to deepen the knowledge of the sea environment. I talk about “sea”, but I should rather say “water”, because in all these years, particularly when I was younger, I have been diving in every place that allowed me to put my head in: lakes, ice, rivers, torrents, springs and ponds, too. Sometimes in comfortable places and with excellent visibility like in the springs of Florida, sometimes in places with an almost unbearable cold like under the ice of the Lavarone Lake, sometimes in hostile places where you had to be tied up and with an almost zero visibility like in the Brenta River where we organized rescue exercises.

All these experiences, including the experiences I made in the sea, had one thing in common: the sense of liberty that I felt and still feel every time I succeed to put some meters of water between me and the daily routine.

As I have stopped to teach diving - and my job could easily be blamed for that - the wish has still remained to show to others the beauty of the sea grounds. And I thought  the best way to do this would be to present and to show the photos I have taken in many years in various seas of the world.

Some years ago a great friend of mine, Edoardo Bellotti, had the idea to unite a group of photographers in order to make slideshows and exhibitions not only in divers clubs, but also in many different places or during shows not related to the world of diving. Thus the Blue Team was born that included not only me and Edoardo but also Sergio Sarta and Andrea Giulianini, who were, shortly after, joined by Mirko Zanni.

We had wonderful experiences and, as far as I am concerned, the satisfaction I had was equal if not even better than all awards that I received in the numerous contests I participated at, both in Italy and abroad. Now that the Blue Team only exists in our memory and in our hearts, I keep on showing my slides wherever I am invited, without  making distinctions whether it is in small clubs or at big events. But sincerely, the places I prefer are schools, in particular elementary schools where spontaneity is natural and enthusiasm is sincere.

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